EP 407 | February 2022 | Guest Mix: Joe Rowe

So, if you didn’t read the show notes for EP 406 yet, Dave spent the holidays (through MLK day) in the hospital with Covid.January’s show was a rerun if you’re looking for that. Fortunately, Joe Rowe was able to step up and take his place as this month’s Uniquely Yours DJ.

All we can say about this set is that you’re in for a real treat here. Joe drops tech house bomb and after bomb. There’s not a bad moment in this one, so hang on for your life or dance your tail off. Preferably that later.

Uniquely Yours will now resume as usual. Catch new episodes on the first Wednesday of each month at 5 PM EST exclusively on Proton Radio (protonradio.com).


1. Westend Get This Party Started (Extended Mix)
2. WestendLife Of Sin (feat. Ranger Trucco) (Original Mix)
3. Gary CaosMilk Shake (Original Mix)
4. BiscitsWait A Minute (Extended Mix)
5. Matt SassariGive It To Me (Full Vocal Mix – Extended)
6. Vintage Culture, James Hype – You Give Me A Feeling (Original Mix)
7. Brad Wood, Vincent VaguerDancing in the Desert (Extended Mix)
8. Hugel Morenita feat. Cumbiafrica (Matt Sassari Extended Remix)
9. EDbUKENo You Didn’t (Extended Mix)
10. Chapter & VerseWant To Love (Extended Mix)
11. Charlie HarveyQUESTIONS (Original Mix)
12. Le Pard, Jere DoyenIN DA HOUSE (Original Mix)

Uniquely Yours - Episode 407 | February 2022 | Guest Mix: Joe Rowe

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