EP 309 | March 2021 | w/ Dave Richards

Welcome back to another Uniquely Yours on Proton Radio. Last month, Dave showcased a bunch of recent and upcoming MK837 tracks. This month we’re back largely to the normal schedule of some of the best promos and new releases from a host of artist and labels as well as what’s hot this month from MK837.

Also, MK837 is considering a run of vinyl. If you’re interested, we’re doing our second survey to get things nailed down. Please share your opinion with us: https://links.mk837.com/vinylfollow-up


  1. MagmaToo Strange (Original Mix) [898 Records]
  2. Dave Richards Do You Love Me (Original Mix) [MK837]
  3. Dylan AndrewHornet’s Nest (Maksim Dark Remix) [Shadow Wulf]
  4. Cook StrummerFor Them All (Original Mix) [Criminal Bassline]
  5. Miguel MontezSa Caleta (Original Mix) [MK837]
  6. Sub ConscioussGet Down [Future Freaks Records]
  7. DewemerLong Rice (Original Mix) [Nous’Klaer Audio]
  8. N/FusionWhat Just Happened (Extended Mix) [MK837]
  9. NotiV (UK), Ky WilliamAnother Life [Slightly Sizzled White] 
  10. Ayzk RovshanMachine [MK837]
  11. BonsiqueRia (Original Mix) [House Heroes Music]
Uniquely Yours | EP 309 | March 2021 | w/ Dave Richards
Uniquely Yours

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