Los Hermanos Vagos – French Connection (Space Native’s in My Head Remix)

Los Hermanos Vagos - French Connection (Space Native's in My Head Remix)

Space Native is back with a fresh take on Los Hermanos Vagos’ French Connection. Leaning more on the melodic house side of melodic house & techno, Space Native’s In My Head Remix drops in a new vocal and takes things deeper than before. Missing this remix would be a mistake, especially if you missed the […]

EP 608 | March 2024 (Extended Mix)

Uniquely Yours | EP 608 | March 2024 (Extended Mix)

Full confession time, in case you didn’t notice earlier, this is Dave’s first time behind the decks in about two months. Life has been EXTREMELY busy, but he’s making up for that absence now with a 2-hour extended set rather than just an additional half-hour. It’s almost all progressive house and melodic house and techno, so buckle up. This one is fire. Lots of new music and a few obscure older tracks that you may not have heard yet.

Los Hermanos Vagos – French Connection

Los Hermanos Vagos - Space Connection

This week we’re welcoming a new production duo to our label. Space Native has joined forces with Ritsaert to form Los Hermanos Vagos. That’s right, this dynamic duo from the Netherlands has taken on a Spanish name and have named their first release French Connection. Whether this is a reference to the 1971 American film […]