EP 610 | MAY 2024 (Extended Mix)

MK837 presents Uniquely Yours | EP 610 | MAY 2004 (Extended Mix)

Given the Dave’s absence last month, he put the extra effort in to give you more than two hours of music this month. He’s loading you up with some classic remixes, tons of tracks from our “progressive elders” and of course some of the latest from MK837’s artists. So get ready, this one’s epic!

EP 403 | September 2021

It’s hard to believe that it’s September now and summer is waving goodbye to us in the rearview mirror as we speed ever faster toward the end of 2021. If ANYBODY wants to say 2022 will be better, please shut up before you ruin it. 2021 hasn’t all been bad, but let’s not fool ourselves, […]

EP 310 | April 2021

Uniquely Yours | EP 310 | April 2021

Welcome back to another Uniquely Yours on Proton Radio. Last month, Dave showcased a bunch of recent and upcoming MK837 tracks. This month we’re back largely to the normal schedule of some of the best promos and new releases from a host of artist and labels as well as what’s hot this month from MK837.

Coco Street & Samuel Zamora – Warrior (Original Mix)

Coco Streeet & Samuel Zamora - Warrior (Original Mix)

The Company Line: Last month we reintroduced you to a name we’ve been following and working with for years, Coco Street. When it comes to house vocals, she’s one diva you need to know about. She recently teamed up with our man Samuel Zamora to produce Warrior – a bold new house track with massive […]

Coco Street & Samuel Zamora – Warrior (Dub Mix)

Coco Street & Samuel Zamora - Warrior (Dub Mix)

What happens when a vocal house diva named Coco Street teams up with Samuel Zamora? You get a war cry of a techno track. That’s what. Play this one loud and proud. It’s coming at you like flood waters from a breaking dam in a canyon. Ain’t nothin’ gonna stand in this one’s way.