The Company Line:

Coming back up from the deep Amuse took use to last week, we move into the realm of progressive house with Spanish producer Teckaiser and his track Complex. A deep stabbing baseline, pulsating pads, sparse vocal samples and more bring a classic sound back from the dead. Lovers of all things progressive, gather here.

From the Tastemakers:

  • “Great one here, thanks!”
    Lucas Rodriguez (BQ Recordings / Just Movement / Droid9)
  • “NICE ONE!!!”
     – Vinny Da Vinci (House Afrika Records/ Metro FM / Channel 901)
  • “Nice track will be supporting.”
    DJ HMC (Club Vibez Radio)
  • “Nice work! Thanks for the music.”
    Tribtech (M Trax / Fx Recordings / Stage Records)
  • “Great dark style opening to this track with soft builds and lush drops. It’s the perfect sound to lift the crowed! Nice trippy vox on the spacey breakdown. It’s not too heavy it’s just a nice ride.”
    Paul Cook (Musicbox Therapy Radio Show on Fnoob Techno Radio)
  • “Great deep / progressive track.”
    DJ Omni (Transform / Deeplife Records)
  • “A minimal prog track with a cavernous sound. Very nice!”
    Steve Boyett (Podrunner / Groovelectric)
  • “Nice!”
    – Luis Gonzales (Connected Language on AH.FM)
  • “Love this one very cool.”
    Lily Pita (Bedrock / Beatfreaks / Controlled Substance / Bonzai / ICONYC)
  • “Very good track!”
    – Franco Tejedor (Stellar Fountain Records / Massive Harmony Records / Underground)
  • “Great vibe here!”
     – Davina Moss (Relief / Dusty Nose / 303lovers)
  • “Solid track… Keep it up.”
     – Samer (Pangea Recordings / Colore / Mystic Carousel Records)
  • “Full support on this release.”
    – Luis Martinez (Rebel House Official / HouseSession / 88.5fm Tampa)
  • “Nice track great sound will be playing this!!!!”
     – Marcus Gibson (KTV Radio / Crossover WWRB / Mixer 28)