The Company Line

JOFF. is back with his second MK837 release. Watch the Clock is a minimal / deep tech masterpiece that would borderline on ambient if not for the stellar and lively percussion. The whole track is driven by a steady metronome style rhythm that is unmistakable. Evolving pads keep everything light and airy. Soft vocal accents soothe and invigorate. Don’t miss out on it.

From the Tastemakers

  • “Great vibe here!”
    Davina Moss (Observatory / Klaphouse / Delicious)
  • “Hypnotic deep groove!”
    Blue Tone Boy (Lad Recording & Publishing / Syndikick Records Uk / Dusk Records)
    Vinny Da Vinci (House Afrika Records/ Metro FM / Channel 901)
  • “Very nice! Thx.”
    Franco Tejedor (Stellar Fountain Records / Massive Harmony Records / Underground)
  • “Very nice deep tech!”
    Javier Lugardo (Huambo Records / Fx Recordings / Kriptonita Records)
  • “Very good! thanks.”
    Riko Forinson (Little Helpers / Natura Viva / 4 Quarters Music)
  • “COOL! Thanx.”
    Yves Eaux (Unity Records / Kunai Records / Orange Recordings)
  • “Nice slow building grooves.”
    Paul Cook (Musicbox Therapy Radio Show on Fnoob Techno Radio)
  • “Deeper than chill, chiller than deep. Not readily fitting into a category is a bonus!”
    Steve Boyett (Podrunner / Groovelectric)
  • “Nice one!!!”
    Sergio Matina (TendenziA Records / Whore House / PinkStar Records)