The Company Line

Nick Elle joined our label last year and had a couple of amazing deep house tracks. He’s returning now with yet another one that’s not to be missed. Daylight is perfect for those poolside parties or for that “I’ve been locked up in my house for days and just need a ray of sunshine” moments that we’ve all been having lately. Let yourself indulge in a moment of simple pleasure and joy.

From the Tastemakers

  • “Soft sounding track built for Del Mara sun rises.”
    Paul Cook (Musicbox Therapy Radio Show on Fnoob Techno Radio)
  • “Nice track will be supporting this one.”
    DJ HMC (Club Vibez Radio)
  • “Will support this release.”
    Luis Martinez (Rebel House Official / HouseSession / 88.5fm Tampa)
  • “REALLY nice groove.”
    Godtek (Rewired Minds Soundsystem / Formation Records / Tech the Truth)
  • “Very good deep sounds! like it!”
    Javier Lugardo (Huambo Records / Fx Recordings / Kriptonita Records)
  • “Playing on Rhythm 105.9 FM mIX SHOWS”
    Klub Jumpers (Rhythm105.9 FM California)
  • “Nice work, love that classic deep house vibe, backed by a solid baseline!”
    Blue Tone Boy (Lad Recording & Publishing / Syndikick Records Uk / Dusk Records)
  • “Killer track will support.”
    Marcus Gibson (KTV Radio / Crossover WWRB)