Done! No More Uniquely Yours Show Notifications!

Wow! That's kinda screamy isn't it. A bit harsh. Wow. (We blame Mark, the winged-lion. Always blame the dog. Sorry.)

We get it. You’re getting too much mail as is and Uniquely Yours isn’t your top priority. Totally understand.

If everything went right, you’ll be out of our monthly pre-show email series. You know how automation works. Sometimes it does what you want and you’re off the email list. Other times, you end up buying a house in Mexico that you never knew you had! That was a joke or at least it was until it happened to our winged-lion friend Mark. He’s still trying to clean that mess up. Boy is he credit ever screwed. That’s why he still sits on our logo.

Anyway, you’ll still get our other emails. If you want to completely unsubscribe, that button is at the very bottom of every email and super-duper small. We really don’t want you to find it. We probably like you more than you like us.

Lastly, if you read this far, thanks! We had nothing better to do than to write this gibberish today, so we had an excuse to write gibberish.

See you around!

Dave R & Friends

Uniquely Yours