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I took a leap of faith in late 2009 with two friends and started MK837, a label dedicated to helping new artists get their feet in the door and to push quality and creative electronic dance music forward. Today, I’m still running the label, I’m ready to take things to a new level, and I’m hoping that you’ll partner with me to make that happen.Dave Richards

(NOTE TO SELF: Do not film yourself under a green light… ever.)

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Clubbers & Lovers

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We know what you want, you want our very best and a bit of nostalgia as well. That’s what we will deliver here. You’ll get a track from our archives each month along with one of our recent bestsellers. It’s hit after hit for you with this level of support.

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$10 / month

We’ve got what you need right here! Get every new MK837 release (see exclusions below) at least a month before it releases as well as the occasional unreleased remix, bootleg or other tracks. Usually, you’ll receive between 5-7 tracks every month. Whether you’re a tastemaker or a completionist… we’ve got you covered here.

Yours every month

One time bonus

NOTE: All audio will be delivered as 320 KBPS MP3s using a Dropbox folder. Also, each month’s tracks will ONLY BE AVAILABLE DURING THE RESPECTIVE MONTH to protect future royalties for the artists. So be sure to download your goodies in time!

Five Reasons to Join MK837 on Patreon

Reason 1: MK837 Is Unique House and Techno

Search your heart. You know this to be true. As a label, we’ve had one foot in the old skool and another in the modern sounds since 2010. We are fresh sounding while classic at the same time. Everything we put out is quality, even if it’s not a chart topper. Even Beatport recognizes this with our many features and editorial chartings.

Reason 2: You’ll Be More Directly Supporting the Label and Our Artists

Through Patreon you can cut out the middlemen and support us directly. Yes, Patreon does take a cut, but it’s 20-46% LESS than what Bandcamp takes. And that’s FAR less than the almost 45% that is taken via Beatport and our distributor (who we TRULY do love, but OUCH). Side note: most labels then take 50% of what’s left leaving artists with whatever’s left. From day one, we’ve only taken 40%.  We value our artists’ work.

Reason 3: You’re Going to Get a New Podcast to Listen to Every Month

Don’t forget that you’ll get a brand-new DJ mix every month as a member of our Patreon. Ever since Uniquely Yours left Data Transmission Radio, we’ve been restricted to just an hour per show. I’ve been wanting a way to bring back a guest mix each month. Rather than tacking it on to Uniquely Yours, I wanted to make sure you had something special. That’s what Patreon is allowing us to do. The mix is exclusive and focused entirely on that month’s artist. What more could you want?

Reason 4: The Music!

No matter which tier you join, you’ll be getting music. It will be the best of what MK837 has offered in the past as well as the present and the future! Even if you do stream most of your music, if you ever stop, you’ll at least have SOME of what you paid for. Plus, it’s nice to have it when you don’t have easy access to the Internet. And when it comes to that new music, you’re getting it at least month before it releases on Beatport and streaming services. 

Reason 5: This Is Just the Ground Floor and You Can Help Influence Where We Go from Here

We don’t exactly know how this will develop over the next year, but we do know that this is just the start of a new journey. Every post will allow you to post feedback. We want to hear from you so we can shape things in the future. As we start to roll out shirt designs, we’d like your feedback on them. We’d like to know which tracks you want to see remixed. We want to know if we made a mistake with a release. You’re getting in on the ground floor and you have a chance to help shape how our community and sound evolves.

The guest list

Each month, tune into our Patreon for another excursion around the world with the artists of MK837. We started out this new podcast out with a trip to Japan to check in on Saku NewMoon who has an eclectic and deep sound that never gets old. You can hear it and every other episode ONLY as a member of our Patreon.

About: Saku NewMoon

DJ/Producer based in Tokyo. Not only is he a talented guitarist and composer for a post-rock band, but in 2020, he ventured into the DJ scene, and since 2022, he’s been on a relentless journey as a producer, boasting over 30 releases. With unwavering energy, he embarks on a global musical expedition.

Saku NewMoon’s versatility knows no bounds, effortlessly blending a diverse array of styles like Deep House, Techno, Electronica, Industrial, and Post-Rock. Seamlessly weaving his own original tracks into his mixes, he crafts a distinctive sonic universe that captivates audiences. Embracing innovation and freedom, his music defies genre constraints and artistic norms, continuously evolving and pushing the boundaries of creativity.

From the tastemakers

Features and Honors

These are just a small representation of our achievements over the years. Our biggest achievements though have been seeing our artists leaving us for better labels and opportunities as they find success. You could get in on the ground floor for our next batch of successful artists.

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