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Played by Jamie Jones
Best New Hype Deep House
Best New Hype Trance: April 2021
Played by Markus Schulz
Traxsource: Essential Minimal / Deep Tech

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Why hello there!
I’m Dave and I want to tell you a quick story. I started listening to electronic music back in the early 80’s. It wasn’t a lot and it mostly involved soundtracks from science fiction movies, even ones my parents wouldn’t let me see at that young age. I loved the sound of synths. They were otherworldly. They didn’t conform to what I was hearing anywhere else. I just made one fatal flaw in my childhood. I took up alto sax rather than piano. The thought of playing a synth never really entered my mind – outside of the small Casio keyboard my parents had bought me for Christmas one year… that I never learned to play.

Fast forward to 1992. I was 17. I had heard all the synth heavy rock. I knew about Depeche Mode. I was in love with what C&C Music Factory had done. (Don’t judge.) And then it happened, I heard actual techno for the first time. It was an obscure release. You’ve probably never heard of it, but it was like something flipped inside of me. I was in love all over again with synths and mesmerized by what I was hearing.

I devoured whatever techno and house CDs I could find from that time on. I was involved in several early online communities. I even was entrusted with one of them when its creator “retired”. That led eventually to running a stage at a music festival and from there… founding this label with a couple of friends. We started MK837 for the purpose of not just seeing our music in stores, but to help new artists get a foot in the door. We wanted to see them succeed as much, if not more than ourselves. We also loved the underground vibe we had created at this music festival and really wanted to spread it far and wide.

There’s so much more to this story and I’d love to share a bit more of it with you. All you need to do is join our mailing list and I’ll tell you a bit more over the next few days AND you’ll get 10 tracks from us on the house.

Until next time, keep it unique!

Dave Richards
Label Owner


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"Very nice pumping house bassline! Downloading this release, thanks!"
Nick Fiorucci
Nick Fiorucci
Hi-Bias Records
“Great release. Will give some spins.”
Vinny Da Vinci
House Afrika Records/ Metro FM
"Minimal, but moody as f**k...quality production!"
Blue Tone Boy
Lad Recording & Publishing / Syndikick Records Uk / Dusk Records
"Goin' in. The levels on this, bubbles up nicely!"
Marcia Carr
Marcia Carr
The Ladyz DJ Quartet / Talking Music
“Nice dark throbber.”
Kiz Pattison
Bedrock Records / Pro B-Tech Music / ASTIR
“Trippy to start which I love killer banging baseline!!! Supported.”
Macrus Gibson
Mixer 28 / KTV Radio / TMI Radio / Underground Militia
“Great vibe here!”
Davina Moss
Davina Moss
Observatory / Klaphouse / Delicious
“Very good. Deep sounds! Like it!”
Javier Lugardo
Javier Lugardo
Huambo Records / Fx Recordings / Kriptonita Records
“Good lord, what a big phat sound this thing has.”
Steve Boyett
Steve Boyett
Podrunner / Groovelectric

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