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Deep Dementure's Spectra View is waiting for you!

deep house at it's finest

We’ve got a new deep house groover from our man Deep Dementure. Spectra View slowly comes into focus with beautifully haunting leads and airy pads that go on for days.

In all the years we’ve worked with Deep Dementure, he has never disappointed us or failed to deliver the goods. This sexy package is exactly what you need to make it through these long winter nights.

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Get DEEP dementure's SPECTRA VIEW

You’ve heard Deep’s work. You like it. More specifically, you like Spectra View. That’s cool. You can grab this one by itself. You can get it in MP3, FLAC or Wav for just $1.29. No questions asked… well, almost. We have to send you the link right? It’ll come via email.

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Download Deep's Spectra View Bonaza!

You’ve heard enough. You’re in love. You don’t just want Spectra View, you gotta have it all. Well, we’re gonna make that happen! We’ve got a bundle of all his OTHER original  MK837 releases for you. That’s a total of 7 tracks for just $7.99.


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Deep Dementure

Antony Shields AKA DeEp DeMEnTUrE, is a DJ and producer from the UK.

It all started back in 2001 with his first vinyl release on the Bradford based record label Baddudes. From then on there was no turning back, DeEp DeMEnTUrE was hooked into a lifelong addiction of studio equipment and vinyl hording and he’s produced some fine house music along the way.

DeEp DeMEnTUrE has had a string of successes on labels like MK837 records, Dual Life Records, Krafted Underground, Canaan Digital Records and has worked with artists like James Vevers (Pacha recodings), Sven Scott (1642 Records), Dave Richards (MK837 records) and the legendary Phil and Tiny from Baddudes.

DeEp DeMEnTUrE is a deep house musician of elegance. Everything that he produces is pure class with a touch of jazz, dubby house vibes and just solid beach and pool grooves all round.

Currently releasing his productions on the American record label MK837.

Respect to all who have supported me and my music to date.
DeEp DeMEnTUrE 🙂
DJ & Producer